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I’m married (since 28 years). We have one daughter. I’m searching for friends around the world. Whatever you like to know about my country, I will try to give an answer. If you search People or phone-numbers or other adresses, I will try to help you. Do you have a collection-hobby too? I will try to help you to find contact and E-mail-adresses. Some Links you see on my last site.

I live in Koblenz. Koblenz is between Frankfurt and Cologne/West Germany. It is the place where Rhine and Mosel flow together. Our home is in a suburb of Koblenz. There is also a Castle named Stolzenfels. Stolzenfels Castle stands high above the Rhine, opposite the mouth of the Lahn. It is one of the most outstanding work of German Neo-Gothic-romanticism.

The German Corner “Deutsches Eck” of Koblenz (confluentes - the Roman camp Castellum apud Confluentes ) - was originally established 10 and 8 BC.


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